Teaching Quality Assurance

Learn Quran Academy Australia

Over the years we are putting our efforts in making Quran Learning Convenient and accessible to all muslim families living on the globe. So far we have students from all the continents and from more than 40 countries such as US, Canada UK, Europe, Australia to name few. We have never compromised the the teaching quality with ever increasing number of customers all over the world. Learn Quran Academy takes special measures to ensure that the Quran learning process is effective so that after every lesson the student of our online Quran Tutoring classes leaves with an increased and better knowledge of Quran.

Teachers Selection

All of our teachers are well qualified and experienced in Online Quran Teaching All teachers teaching Quran at Learn Quran Academy are:

  • Graduate or have comparable education in English, Islamic/Arabic/Quranic Studies, or related areas.
  • Good English Communication Skills.
  • Quran teaching experience
  • Tajweed rules experience.
  • Knowledge of using internet technologies.
  • Teachers Training

    Teachers at Learn Quran Academy are well trained before they start teaching our students. After selection for job teachers get 1 month of paid training from our Training Staff in which they revise their knowledge of Quran, Quran Reading Rules, Tajweed Rules, Communication skills and skills to use internet technologies.

    Beside this our teachers also get periodic training to improve and refresh their skills. Our teachers get following training periodically:

    • Quran Teaching Essentials
    • Tajweed Rules Training
    • Arabic Grammar
    • Qirat Quran Course
    • Ilmi Rawayyay( Manners of Islamic Education)
    • Quran Tafseer
    • Advanced Teaching Methods
    • English Communication

    Teacher/Student Assessment System

    We have a proper system in which teachers and students are assessed and their performance is reported. We have teachers who are especially hired to take assessment tests from students and observe performance of student and Online Quran Teachers.

    Every student has to take test after 2 months in which a test teacher listens the lesson from student and ask various questions to evaluate the Quran tajweed skill of students. The points on which improvement is need is added into tasks of the teacher to work on and show positive results in next test. A performance report is generated by our system which is shown in student panel so that students and their parents can see their online Quran learning progress.