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No Obligation Lessons to Evaluate our Quran Reading Service & Teachers, After the free lessons you can decide to continue or discontinue Quran learning with us.!

Read Quran Online 

Our Prophet (PBUH) said, "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it...." Narrated by Usman Bin Affan (RA).

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online norani qaida

Read Noorani Qaida 

Descent of Quran was in Arabic, So before reading Quran one must have better knowledge about Arabic Grammar i-e Noorani Qaida

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online islamic education

Islamic Teachings 

Besides learning Quran, we also make your kids learn Salah, Kalimas and Duas including moral lessons as well.

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online namaz guide

Online Namaz Guide 

Namaz/Salah is one of fundamental pillar of Islam. We include daily namaz lessons in our online Quran classes.

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Learn Quran Online

  • Learn Quran Academy (Online) provides you and your family members with services of Online Quran reading, Online Quran learning, Online Quran recitation and understanding of holy Quran through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionall Online Quran tutors, we offer Online Arabic Grammar Course (Norani Qaida) Online Nazra Quran Courses for Kids Online Quran Courses for Females Basic Quran Reading Course. Online Quran Tajweed course Online Quran Memorization course. All courses are being taught by very professional and friendly Quran teachers.
  • Learn Quran Academy (Online) teaches the concepts of Islam. We teach, Basics of Islam. Faith in Islam Duas for all the routine acts that we do daily to all of our students. Session in which students are learn how to offer the prayer (Namaz)
  • In this Quran students learn to translate, understand and interpret Quran. This is devised to make in depth understanding Arabic and its meanings in context. After this course student will be enable to understand the true meanings of Quran verses in their background and context.


  • It's an ideal service. My cousin recommended me this service. I started with uncertainty whether it will work for kids or not. But I'm really glade now because my kids are learning the holy Quran without any problem. Teachers are very kind even more than school's teachers
    Rehman, VIC
  • I am a student and I am very very satisfied with classes. I love to learn quran now. It is very interesting. And your tutors are very nice and easy to learn with. God Bless You
    Shuja, NSW
  • Assalaamualaikum, Brothers and sisters, I have just started the course and believe me in the first class itself you will get a feeling that you can learn and understand the Holy Qur'an easily.
    Zia, SA
  • The best organization ever that's been joined together for Quran reading 100 percent success rate. The teacher is so caring awesome and flexible (M. Adil) gained so much knowledge very hard working teachers and dedicated. Allah bless them all.
    Shakeel, VIC
  • My Son is student of Learn Quraan Academy and he He is now started with Quraan after his initial books. I am thankful to teacher of Taha who is treating him not like a student as she is treating him like his family member. May ALLAH bless u people.
    Mian Iftikhar, U.A.E