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Using mobile phones Learn Quran

Mobile technology has revolutionized the world. There is a lot of advancement in field of communication through cell phones. At the same time few problems are raised which must be addressed in terms of Islam to make best use of mobile phones.

Etiquettes of calling


  1.  We must say Salam to our brothers and sisters when we start
    conversation. Saying Salam creates harmony and it is a prayer of peace for people on both ends.
  2. We must assure that we are calling on the right time and person on other other end of phone is not being disturbed by our call. We can just ask receiver of call if he or she is free and got some time for conversation. It is better to ask for convenient time from person to who we want to call.
  3. We must avoid long and idle conversations on mobile phones. We can make our saved time more precious if we devote this time to learn Quran and other Islamic activities.
  4. We should switch off or mute our mobile phones in mosques, schools and hospitals so that we may not disturb others.
  5. Speak politely and gently on phone. We must follow simple Islamic rule of speaking that is speaking exact and correct.
  6. If some one is not able to take your call, do not try again and again. It is better to leave voice or text message.

Etiquettes of texting

learn quran Texting

  1. While texting we should start with Islamic greetings.
  2. We should not disturb disturb people by sending text message at inappropiate time that i-e during work, rest and salah time.
  3. We should avoid forwarding irrespective messages which may cause disturbance to others.
  4. Sending Islamic messages is good practice but we should be very careful about authenticity of Quran verses, Hadiths and Islamic Quotes.
  5. While sitting in a group of people or family we should pay attention to them instead of texting a person at some other place.
  6. It is also unethical to engage in your cell phone while someone is talking to you.


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