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10 things to do in Last Days of Ramadan


ramadan last nights

Every moment of Ramdan is priceless and we should not let it go without earning reward from Allah SWT. The last 10 days of Ramdan are even more valuable than first twenty days due to many reasons. Allah’s Messenger used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time.” (Muslim).

The Prophet said: “Whoever prays during the night of Qadr with faith and hoping for its reward will have all of his previous sins forgiven.” (Bukhari and Muslim recorded from Abu Huraira).

  1. Take a vacation for Allah.

We take break from our work when we have some important events in our life. Ramadan is time for blessings and salvation so not we should take break from our jobs and focus on to focus on worshiping and thanking our Creator.

  1. Do Itikaf.

Our beloved prophet Mohammed peace be upon him used to spend the last ten days and nights of Ramadan in the mosque for Itikaf. Itekaf is cutting off your relations with the world and devoting all your time in zikr, salat, reading Quran etc. Its sunnah to do itekaf for last ten days of Ramadan but if you’re not able to spare time for sunnah itekaf you can also do it for few days or even one night.

  1. Make this special Dua.

Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, said: I asked the Messenger of Allah: ‘O Messenger of Allah, if I know what night is the night of Qadr, what should I say during it?’ He said: ‘Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.’ “(Ahmad, Ibn Majah, and Tirmidhi).

layla tul qadr dua

  1. Recite the Quran.

Spend your time in reciting Quran because it’s a great deal and there are many virtues for reading Quran and following it. Try to increase the time for Quran recitation in ending days on Ramdan.

  1. Reflect on the meaning of the Quran.

Ramadan is time when most us of get closer to Quran and read it more than any other part of year. So this is best time to go deeply into the meaning and understand Quran.  You should follow and reflect what you learn from Quran.

  1. Get your sins wiped out.

Abu Huraira narrated that the Messenger said: Whoever stands (in prayer) in Laylatul Qadr while nourishing his faith with self-evaluation, expecting reward from Allah, will have all of his previous sins forgiven. [Bukhari and Muslim).

So, pray longer, deeper  and meaningful  in last days of Ramadan and carefully reflect what the meaning when you pray.

  1. Evaluate yourself.

It is the time when you should ask the Question you need that need to be asked from yourself. It is the best time for self evaluation and knowing where you’re going. Feel happy for the good you have done and remorse for the bad you have done and seek forgives for you bad acts. Doing this will make you closer to Allah Subhan Wa Taala.

  1. Attend the Dua after the completion of Quran recitation

Quran reading is completed in lmost all masjids Quran in Tarawih prayers in Ramadan specially in last day of Ramdan. Make sure to attend the dua after the completion and try to take your family to this gathering.

  1. Finish reading a book on the Prophet

The life of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him is role model for us. We should know about his life as much as we can and follow his footsteps in every aspect of life. Try reading about the life of Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him. It will increase your love for him and Islam

  1. To do list for the Night of Power

The last but not least; make a “to do checklist” for each Night of Decree. This is the night better than a thousand months so pick the things from your checklist and perform them in expected laylatul Qadr. Also define the sequence you would like to do things in.


10 Most Beautiful Mosques in the World

Mosque, (Masjid in Arabic) is a place where followers of Islam gather to offer their collective worships. Mosques are also symbol of fine Islamic culture and art. Mosques are present in all countries of the world and there are many mosques with stunning look. This blog is not to discriminate among mosque but we are intended to give a look on 10 beautiful mosques based on our very limited knowledge.

  1. Al Haram Mosque – Macca, Saudi Arabia


There is no doubt that Grand mosque of Mecca is most beautiful mosque in the world. It is the holiest,  largest and most sacred mosque in the world . Hazrat Adam A.S laid foundation of this mosque and it was rebuilt by Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. It can accommodate up to 4 million people and holds the largest annual worship of the Muslim in the world.

  1. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi – Medina, Saudi Arabia


This is also Prophet’s Mosque because it was built by Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the city of Medina. It is the second holiest site in Islam after the Grand Mosque of  Mecca. The green dome of this mosque is most striking feature of this mosque where is tomb of the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

  1. Al Aqsa Mosque – Jerusalem, Palestine


It is also called Bayt al-Muqaddas, is the third holiest site in Islam. It is also the holiest site in Judaism, because it is believed to be The Temple of Jerusalem once stood. The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) started is miraculous journey to Heavens from this place. For short period of time Muslim prayed facing towards this mosque.

  1. Hassan II Mosque – Morocco


It is the largest mosque the largest mosque  of Morocco located in Casablanca.  It has world tallest minaret which are 60 stories high and has height of 210 metres. It can accommodate 105,000 worshippers.

  1. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque – Brunei


It is a royal Islamic mosque located in the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan. It is one most beautiful mosques in the Asia Pacific and a important landmark  a place of tourist attraction. The mosque is beautiful mixture of Mughal architecture and Italian styles.

  1. Zahir Mosque – Kedah, Malaysia


It is grandest and oldest mosques of Malaysia located in the heart of Alor Star, the state capital of Kedah. The five large domes symbolizes the five main principles of Islam. Every year Quran recitation competition is held in premises of the mosque.

  1. Faisal Mosque Islamabad – Pakistan


It is located in beautiful capital of Pakistan, Islambad. It is world fourth largest mosque and it remained as largest mosque in the world from 1986 to 1993

  1. Taj ul Mosque – Bhopal, India


Also called crown of mosques in situated in Bhopal, India. It is one of the largest mosque in asia It serves as as a Islamic school during the day time. The architecture of mosque resembles Grand mosque in Delhi and the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore.

  1. Badshahi Mosque of Lahore – Pakistan


It is also called ‘Royal Mosque’. It is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the fifth largest mosque in the world. It is capable of accommodating 160,000 worshippers, It remained the largest mosque in the world for periods of  from 1673 to 1986.

  1. Sultan Mosque, Singapore

Sultan Mosque, Singapore

It is located at Muscat Street in Kampong Glam Rochor District in Singapore. It is national monument of Singapore since on March 14th 1975.



youth of prophet Mohammed pbuh

Youth of Prophet Mohammed PBUH

youth of prophet Mohammed pbuh


In out last article we wrote about childhood of prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.  This article serves to shed light on youth on Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.  Our prophet peace and blessing be upon him was a very hard working young man. Beloved Prophet Peace be upon him, began to earn a living as a businessman and a trader. He took great interest in trade at a very early age and he was trained and encouraged by Abu Talib who took him along on trading missions to the neighboring  countries.  He learnt trading from his uncle Abu Talib by accompanying in business trips.  He went to his first business trip at age of twelve and later he started to trade by his own.

He gained respect in Makkah by his high moral and ethical traits. He was monotheist and believed in one Allah. He was famous for his kindness, and keeping promises. He hated pride and lived a simple life. Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) helped to re-start the work of an institution names as Half-ul -Fudul  (Pledge of Virtues), which took an active part in bringing about peace and unity among the tribe of Makkah.  All members of Half-ul-fudul pledged to keep peace among various tribes, safety of travelers from robbers, helping the poor and needy people of society and protecting the weak from oppressors.

 He was respected for his noble character in all Makkah. Due to his personal traits Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) was also given the title of  As-Saadiq (The Truthful) and Al-Ameen (The Trustworthy).The greatness of his character had no equal in Makkah. As a youth, Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him kept himself away from all sins and bad habits which the youth of his age would enjoy.

Once, , Abdul-ibn-Abi-Al Hamsar met the holy prophet Mohammed peace be upon and they met in the street for a business transaction. He had to go somewhere in hurry so he asked Beloved Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) to stay and wait there for him and he would return shortly . Rasulullah. The trader forget and didn’t came back but the prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) waited there for three days for him to return. When he returned he realized that Prophet Mohammed  (peace and blessing be upon him) waited for him patiently to keep his promise.

 A noble lady of Quresh tribe “Hazrat Khadija bin Khuwaylid” (R.A)  possessed the highest degree of nobility, wealth, and repute gave beloved Prophet (SAWW) goods for trade which He took to other cities and honestly gave her profits. She was impressed by his honesty and trustworthiness so she sent him a marriage proposal through her best friend Nafisa, which was accepted after by prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him after confirmation from his uncle Abu Talib. She had proposals from many notable persons of Mekkah but she refused them all. She preferred Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him over other notable people of Makkah because of his His piety, good manners, honesty and trustworthiness. Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon was 25 year old when he married to Hazrat Khadija R.A who was 40 years old.