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  • Noorani Qaida

    For beginners we start from noorani Qaida, which is best pre-Quran course. It enables our students to get familiar with Arabic Grammar. After Norani Qaida course student is able to recognize words of Quran and learn how to pronounce them correctly. Noorani Qaida contains all rules of tajweed (the correct method of Quran recitation) and different lessons are designed to practice these rules.For example, identification of Arabic Alphabets, Harakaat, Kasra (Zair), Dammah (Paish), Sakoon , Kasra and Dammah, Learn Shaddah, Madd, Tanween, Idgham, Ikhfa, Iqlab, and rules of Meemsakin.

    Quran Reading

    We provide services of Online Quran reading, Online Quran learning, Quran recitation and holy Quran understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our highly trained holy Quran teachers. After Norani Qaida when student get hold on rules or tajweed we move to Quran Lessons. In 30 minutes Quran teaching teacher provides instructions about Quran reading and help student to learn Quranby practicing.

  • Learn Quran Academy

    (Online) teaches basic concepts of Islam. One of our core objective is to introduce our students with beauty of Islamic teachings. During the class session our teachers dedicate fix amount of time to guide students about basic Islamic principles.

    Learn Quran Academy

    (Online) teaches Duas suggested by our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) for our daily and routine acts. For example the Dua of eating, sleeping, travelling, drinking water etc. We also teach our students etiquettes for blessed life, just as etiquette of Mosque, Quran recitation, dealing with people etc.

    Learn Quran Academy

    (Online)is also teaches its students the way of offering salah. The teachers motivate their students to become practicing Muslim. They encourage students for performing salah, keeping fast etc. Ours teachers also emphasize on moral and ethical education to develop wise character in students.

  • This course is especially designed for students who want to learn Quran thoroughly by meaning and context. Students learn to translate, understand and interpret Quran. This is devised to make in depth understanding Arabic and its meanings in context. After this course student will be enable to understand the true meanings of Quran verses in their background and context.
    Following points are covered in the course:

  • Students daily get to know meanings or words for vocabulary.
  • The students are taught word by word translation of Quran.
  • Proper explanation of each verses one by one.
  • With literal translation students are also taught contextual meaning of every verse.
  • At the end of this Quran student are able to learn Quranin depth. Students are able to translate and interpret verses of Quran.

Quran Program 

Our main focus is to cognize our students with teachings of Islam through Quran which is true and pure source of all princples of Islam. We teach Quran online to students with our best and latest webportal system.

Pillars of islam 

Building of Islam is standing on five pillars which are basics of islam and one can not hold faith without these pillars. We teach our students about Shahadah, Salah, Fasting, Zakat and hajj.

Acadamics Excellence 

Learn Quran Academy is leading online Quran teaching oraganization which have professional administrative and teaching faculty with latest online teaching portal.


Hijab is not just covering head with a peace of cloth. Hijab it self is an attitude, it includes they way of talking, way of walking and infact it is whole way of life. We teach our female children the hijab way of life.