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    • Free Structure for Online Quran Learning:

      Number of days per week Number of class per month Fee in AUD ($)
      2 Days/Week 8 classes/month $ 30AUD/month
      3 Days/Week 12 classes/month $ 40AUD/month
      4 Days/Week 16 classes/month $ 50AUD/month
      5 Days/Week 20 classes/month $ 60AUD/month
    • We provide a high quality environment and an appropriate program for children and adult. We must remain financially viable, while ensuring fee levels are at an affordable level for families. Our fee is not actually the fee of QURAN teaching, it's the time spending cost which Teacher spends on a student because no Muslim can even think that he can sell QURAN.

    • We will provide 3 free trials Classes before starting the regular session.

    • We promise never to refuse to teach a student because of money.
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    • We accept payments through Inc, Via Paypal, Credit card, and Master card..

    • We also accept Payments By Western Union, Money Gram.

    • Kindly contact us for more information
    • First 3 Trial classes are 100% FREE. If you feel comfortable and satisfied with our teaching methodology, you can continue after free session.

    • You can discontinue the service if for some reason this service does not work for you and/or for your child after the free trial.

    • All fee exclusive of 3 free trial classes and implement on monthly basis after the satisfaction of trial period.

    • Learn Quran Academy does not accept any donations.

    • Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.
    • Please email your complaints to, Insha Allah we will respond you as soon as possible
  • Learn Quran Academy offers you to refund your fee in case you are not studying with us or if you’re not satisfied with our services. Please read following terms and conditions for fee refund.

    1. The fee is collected after the trial classes, so if you are not satisfied with our services in trial classes you can skip our program without paying fee.
    2. There is no obligation to start regular classes after trial and you do not have to pay anything for trial classes.
    3. If you continue after trial classes by starting regular classes, you fee can not be refunded.
    4. If you hold classes for some reason, you will be charged half fee but you can ask us to balance you fee in next coming month or refund remaining fee.
    5. You can re adjust your fee in upcoming months or refund if you are going to vacations but we do not guarantee the same schedule and teacher after the vacations.