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Importance of Ashura in Islam

Islam is a religion of Peace, Protection and Belief. Islam started its journey with obeying Allah. And Sacrifice is the most important fact of Islam. So in this regard, we have a lot of examples like Islam is saturated with the Islamic month of Muharam which is having a great sacrifice of the Family of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The 10th of Muharam is called “Asshura”. That is a very important day in the history of Islam. Even in Quran, Allah has discussed this month as well.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had also observed the Fast at the day of Ashura as well. And after the Ramadan Fast of Ashura is the most significant. In the book of Hadith Muslim it is narrated that:

learn quran ashura hadith

Actually, this month give the message of sacrifice and prosperity, the great Martyard of Hazart Imam Hussain (R.A) tells him how to live and auspicious life in manners of Islam, they tell us how to obey Allah, even his head was on narrow but he still says LAILLAH, he tells us how to offer prayer properly. Even in the field of battle after getting 70 dead bodies of his loving companions and family members he never left the Prayer. He was circled by the enemies, but still he offer prayer, he bend in front of Allah and that was his last prayer……..

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So we should also get a lesson from that Martyard, from that sacrifice, from that Ibadat, from that respect, from that Prospeirty, we should get lesson from the family of prophet Mohammad(PBUH). Unfortunately, today we forgot our origin, we forgot how to live the life according to the norm and values of Islam, we read Quran, but just as a formality, we offer prayer just for our satisfaction that we are Muslims, we believe in prophet Mohammad (PBHU) but we are not following the message of him. And that is the main reason that Muslims are backward in the whole world. So we have to rise up again we have to show the world that yes, we have the spirit of a Muslim, we have the power to encounter anything which is against the values of Islam, we have to get a lesson from the sacrifice of this MUharam..

May Allah show us the right path and give us the strength to follow the message of Muharm and to respect the days of Muharam.(Ameen)

Written by Learn Quran Academy Staff




Significance of Astagfar

Allah is the most beneficial and merciful. Although one of his characteristics is Qahar (most angry) but in the Quran, Allah has reveled countless a lot of verses in which he shows that he is Raheem, Kareem, merciful, Forgiver, Ghafoor, Aziz and a lot. Allah loves his creation a lot, even Allah never put a burden to anyone more than his/her capacity. Allah loves Humans more than seventy time of a mother. Here you can assume the love of a mother. How deeply she loves to her kids, even she never sleeps when there is a problem with any of her children. So how it is possible that Allah can harm us when he has created us by himself. How is it possible that He will punish us.? How is it possible that he will send us to Hell (Jahanam)?

learn quran astaghfar

So we have a way that Allah tells us to avoid the sins, to seek forgiveness , to go into Jannah(Jannat). And that way is Astagfar. In this regard, I will coat an incident:

“ Once the great scholar and the theologian (Iman Ahmad bin Hambal) he traveled from his town to another town. There he stayed in a mosque because he didn’t know anyone. When the prayer of Isaah was ended Imam tried to take a rest, but the caretaker of the mosque told him that no old man you are not allowed to stay in the mosque. So he took him out of the mosque. One baker in front of the mosque was looking all this he feel pity for that old man. He brought him in his home. So at night, Imam Ahmad stayed there. In the morning Amnad bin Hanbal asked the baker that I noticed you was doing Astagfar whole the night. So did you do all this time? Baker replied yes, I did.! Imam asked in reward of this Astagfar what you have got from Allah? Baker said that due to this Dua Allah accepted all my prayers and fulfill all of my wishes instead of this Dua.. Imam asks what was that day? Baker replied that I ask Allah that it’s my wish to meet Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, he is a great scholar, I have heard about him a lot and I wish to meet him. Imam then smiled and replied your that Dua is also accepted I am Ahmad bin Hanbal.”

(Al Jumuah magazine, vol 19, issue 7)

learn quran seek forgivness

“Subhan Allah” So here you see that how blissful those people was… question is that why??? We also do worship like those people, we also do Astagfar, we also do fasting, but why our prayers are incomplete..???

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The answer is that we have lost that spirit, we lost the origin of Islam, we do all the good deeds just as a formality.. Today, if we follow the message of the Quran and Hadith with full attention to the core of our heart, then defiantly Allah will accept our prayers, our Dua’s, our good deeds.. And if we need help the definitely Angels will come to help us and Allah will bless us. Just need to focus on our origin and to bend in front of Allah with true Heart. May Allah show us the right path and give us strength to do Astagfar.(Ameen)

Silence and Wisdom

It is rightly said that silence is fence around wisdom. Our Prophet said

silence islam learn quran online


We can learn and interpret a lot from this Hadith. Taking from this hadith we can have idea that being silence is best practice then speaking idle. So if it is not wroth speaking we should not speak and we should only speak when it is important and beneficial to speak. We should only speak on topics about which we have considerable knowledge. Speaking continuously without any point and without any knowledge makes ones posture bad and low. We can refrain it by following true message of Allah in Quran.  In Quran Allah Almighty says:

learn quran quran

In above mentioned ayah of Quran it is obvious that we should not talk without knowledge and make disputes. In our society there are many people who speak without proof and try to comment on every issues regardless of their knowledge and expertise. They entangle in every discussion yet they have no right to do so. Even If are asked to comment on some issue about which you don’t have sufficient knowledge best answer should be simply apologizing that “I’m afraid I don’t feel myself able to comment on this issue”. This is better than saying unnecessary, irrelevant and inappropriate words. If you not qualified to talk on issue you are not well aware of, don’t feel embarrassed to say “I don’t know” because even most notable scholars in Islam like Imam Humbal and Iman Shafee were used to respond same in such situation. This shows sincerity and wisdom of those great people. It is clear that those people haven’t learnt to brag about. Rather they learnt to get close to Allah Almighty.

So this can be one of important principle in Islam being silent is better than talking rubbish. Our prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him said



So it can be inferred that tongue has important role in building character of person. If one speaks good and always try to be reasonable by his words eventually his character will bloom. It is found in some ahadiths that one word can cause punishment of hellfire for 70 years. So we should be very careful and aware of consequences before we speak non sense or words of no use.

learn quran silence

Our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him also told us “”


You might think that if you say good than why should you be quite. So we must know what good things to talk about are and Quran guide us about that. According to Quran, speaking for sake of helping others, charity, speaking to unite people, speaking to spread useful knowledge and speak to correct someone when necessary. So we must consider above mentioned criteria before speaking and speak only when needed. There are many problems which arise due to unnecessary talking. Lying, back biting and accusing are most common wrongdoings according to Islam which are related with unnecessary speaking.

It is sickness in the heart if some one speaks idle and on topics about which he has no sufficient knowledge. As a Muslim we are bound to orders of Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala so we must follow the mannerisms of believer which is totally in light of Quran and Hadith. In Quran and Hadith there are number of instructions about ethics of speaks. The summary of all this that

  • We should not speak unless it is needed
  • We should always speak productive.
  • umar khatab RA learn quran

We should try to analyze our speech daily. Always try to correct our self by leaving unnecessary talks and safeguard our talks. This will keep us on path or righteous people. We should always pray that May Allah keep us in list of good people. May Allah grant us wisdom to speak good.

Author: Learn Quran Academy Team

1 to 1 Live Quran Learning

You often go to market to buy electronic devices or other products. When you unbox them with the product you get a small booklet or instructional manual from manufacturer. In that manual you can find all details about best use of product. You will find details about keeping device in best working conditions, troubleshooting, fixing errors and many other stuff like that.

Isn’t it strange that product which costs only few dollars can have manual guide but man who is most precious thing in the world is left spare. No, man is not sent without any guidance because he is made by Allah Almighty who is maker or all the things. He has sent a guide for human beings too which is Quran.

Why to Learn Quran?

Quran tells us the right way to live. It provides us visions to spend life and help us to set aims of life. Quran tell us what is right for us and what is not. Quran connects us with our Lord. Quran is actually a message from Almighty to us. It was revealed on our Beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him.

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How to Learn Quran?

As discussed earlier Quran is important to us because our objectives of life are present in Quran. So we must learn Quran and follow the message of Allah in Quran. Quran was revealed in Arabic language so we must know how to read Quran. In order to read Arabic we have to learn its alphabets and basics. With effort of about one month we are able to read Quran.

Learn Quran Online

With advancements in science our lives are revolutionized. We have to do more activities and it is very hard to manage time to learning Quran. Taking advantage from internet technology and web applications Learn Quran Academy has innovated a new way to learning Quran which is called “online Quran Learning” or “One to One Live Quran classes”.

One to One live Quran learning

One to One live Quran learning involves student and teacher’s live interaction on most convenient time of student. In this session teacher and student talk to each other and teacher teaches lesson through webportal. Learn Quran academy has devised a webportal in which each student can have dedicated account on website.  Student can see what lessons teacher wants him/her to see and meanwhile they talk too. Each class takes 30 minutes which includes Quran lessons with tajweed and basic Islamic knowledge like Kalimas, Duas extra.

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The website is interactive which is accessible through most of internet connected devices like iphone, ipad, smart phones, laptop or desktop computers. This doesn’t require any additional hardware only internet connected device with microphone and speaker is required. It requires no computer skill and no age maturity. 4 year old kids, elder person, female sister or a working man can learn Quran at comfort of home sparing 30 minutes few times a week. The best thing you must know that everyone can try this service for free. Click here to register for free trial classes.
Allah has given us opportunity to learn Quran so we should learn Quran and spend our lives in accordance to teachings of Quran.
May Allah guide us to straight path.

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Masjid Nabwi

learn quran masjid mabvi


Prophet Mohammed set out to Medina in 622 as directed from Allah. In Medina Prophet stayed in house of Abu Ayub Ansari RA and next to that house Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon Him and His companions laid foundation of Masjid e Nabvi (Prophet’s Mosque). This mosque served major role in Islam from beginning. Initially it was simple rectangular mosque with dimensions of 30×35 meters. In Era of Hazrat Umar bin Khatab it was extended to area of 3575 square meters. Different extensions and renovations were made through the history. Now it is one of largest mosques in world with capacity of praying area for 1 million people.

Features of Masjid e Nabvi

Prophet Mohammed personally participated in construction of Masjid e Nabvi. He did work like all other peoples who were taking part in this holy cause. He carried cement and bricks with His own hands. After the construction this place was frequently visited by our Prophet. This mosque has important role in spreading Islam. Prophet Peace be upon Him allocated separate space for place with shelter on right side of mosque for educational activities. The people for learning Islam can learn Quran rest, spend night and get food there. Many of notable companions stayed there like Hazrat Abu Huraira RA who narrated the most of Ahadith.

learn quran masjid mabvi

Learning Activites in Masjid e Nabvi

Masjid e Nabvi was a key place for education and enlightment for all. Companians of Prophet came to mosque to learn Quran, understanding Quran and its teachings. There was environment of competition for gaining more and more knowledge. Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him was the teacher and Preacher there and students were his noble companians. Prophet Peace be Upon Him taught them teachings of holy Quran and later they spread this to whole earth and preserved for next generations.

Offering Salah in Masjid e Nabwi

The Masjid e Nabvi is one of most significant mosques in Islam. Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him used to say “My mosque” to Masjid e Nabvi. There is special ajar (reward) for offering Salah in Masjid e Nabvi as observed in following saying of Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him:

Do not prepare yourself for a journey to any mosque [with the intention to earn special reward of prayers] but the three mosques al-Masjid al-Haram, al-Masjid al-Aqsa, and my mosque. (Bukhari: No. 1115)

It is clear from above hadith that there is some special reward for offering salah in Masjjid e Nabvi.
Prophet Mohammed Peace be Upon Him also said:

One prayer in my mosque is better than one thousand prayers in any other mosque excepting al-Masjid al-Haram. (Bukhari: No. 1116)

It is evident that from above mentioned hadith that one Salah (Prayer) in Masjid e Nabvi guarantees 100 times more reward than other mosque (Except Masjid Al Haram).

Backyard of Paradise

Riyadh ul Jannah (Backyard of Paradise) is a garden with dimensions of 15×22 meters adjecent to Masjid e nabvi. This garden is called similar to garden of paradise. The significance of this garden is evident from this Hadith.

Between my house and my pulpit lays a garden from the gardens of Paradise, and my pulpit is upon my fountain (Al-Kauthar).” [Bukhari]

learn quran masjid mabvi

So Masjid e Nabvi is one of very significant mosques in Islam which served many purposes for Islam throughout the history. This mosque is where Our beloved Prophet Muhammed Peace be upon Him is resting. May Allah give us all opportunity to visit and offer salah in Mosque of our Prophet Peace be upon Him.

Author: Learn Quran Academy staff

Six beliefs in Islam

islamic beliefs learn quran
Belief is most important aspect of Islam. One who adheres to Islam must have these these six beliefs.

1) Belief in God


Monotheism is first and most important belief of all Muslims. Islam teaches to believe only in one God who neither was neither born nor gave birth to anyone. He is the only creator of all universe and everything that is in universe belongs to Him. He is care take of universe and no one shares his authority. Only He can give life, death, health, wealth etc. All worships in Islam are only for Allah.

2) Belief in the Angels

Muslims must believe in unseen creatures that are mentioned in Quran. Angels are specified for their duties and they perform only tasks they are given. Angels have no free will and they don’t do anything with their will. Contrary to Christian concept that angels are daughters of God, angels are only obeying servants of Allah.

3) Belief in Prophets

Muslims believe in all prophets of Allah and respect all of them. 25 Prophets are mentioned with name in Quran. Quran tells that Allah sent different messengers and prophets to every nation in different times. All messenger carried a central message of worshiping Allah alone. Muslims must believe in all prophets without any discrimination. Muslims also believe that Mohammed Peace be upon him is the final Prophet of Allah and He carried the final message to humanity.



4) Belief in the Sacred Texts

All those who believe in Islam must also believe all books sent to humanity through his noble prophets. These books include Torah, Psalms, Gospel, Quran and all other divine books and scriptures. Because these all books are from Allah they were sent to earth in different times through different prophets to guide humans. Muslims believe that all books are true but with the time the original message in them was distorted and changed. Quran is only book which is preserved in it real form. Allah took responsibility of saving words of Quran.


It is common observation that meanings of words changes with time. That is why dictionaries are updated after interval with contemporary meaning of word. Even bible gets new versions and testaments with amendments after few years. In case of Quran the words in Quran are having same meaning which was at the time when Quran was descended. So one can say that Quran is not only preserved in terms or words but meanings also So Quran is only divine book for guidance of humanity at this time. Variety of subjects such as social, personal, scientific, moral matters etc is discussed in Quran. So we should learn Quran and follow its teaching for guidance.

learn quran islam


5) Belief in Life after Death

All those who adheres to Islam believe that there is final day when Allah will end this universe and He will resurrect all human for judgment of their deeds. This day is called “Youm e Mehshar” which means Day of Judgment. With this belief a person can live a responsible life. When a person knows the he will be asked and pay about all his deed he will avoid bad deeds and try to live a positive life.

6) Belief in the Divine Decree

In islam it is asserted that Allah has authority on all things and He has knowledge about all things. Nothing can happen without His will and everything in past, present or future is in His knowledge. Destiny of every creature in already in His knowledge and He has wisdom in all things. This belief should not contradict with concept of man’s free will to do his actions. Man has choice to do good or bad and his choice is already know to Allah.

pillars of islam learn quran

May Allah give us strength to stand firmly on these beliefs.

Written by: Adil Khan
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