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About Learn Quran Online


Learn Quran Academy is pioneer organization who brought concept of online teaching in 2006. We started with the aim of spreading education about Islam and Quran online to each continent of planet through the internet. Our courses are available to all age groups, now we have students from all over the world majorly from Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Middle East. Hundreds of students have completed Quran Reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, Translation and Memorization courses with us. Our courses are devised to build moral character of students according to Islam.
Learn Quran Academy is available round the clock 24/7. Our teachers and staff is highly Qualified, trained and professional in their work. We havequalified female teachers for Muslim sisters who are not comfortable going outside of their home. We have a web portal for our students through which they can check their daily lessons, schedules and find more interact with teachers. We are determined to make best use of internet that is spreading message of Quran in the whole world.

Who we are 

Learn Quran Academy(Online) is pioneer of online Quran teaching. We started our online Quran teaching services in 2006 with vision of spreading message of Quran to whole globe. Our objective was to provide.

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What Lean Quran Online do

What we Do 

Learn Quran Academy(Online) comprises dedicated workers from management,technical department and tutors . Our staff works with the instructions from religious scholars to deliver our best for Muslim brothers and sisters who are interested to learn Quran.

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Behind Learn Quran Academy

Who is behind us  

Who is behind Learn Quran Academy? Learn Quran Academy (Online) is nonpartisan organization; we do not belong to any sect, organization or mosque. We are open for that entire student around world who wants toLearn Quran.

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Learn Quran Academy Staff

Our Staff 

Online Learn Quran Academy has best male and female qualified, experienced, courteous and well trained teaching staff. Our teachers are well trained and they have regular training sessions periodically which ensures competency in their professional teaching skills.

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